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Our Mission

We connect our nation's veterans and first responders with our partnering treatment facilities that help them with Post-Traumatic Stress and addictions.

Our Story

Veterans 4 Life USA was started shortly after Brian Paul's recovery from alcohol addiction and Post-Traumatic Stress. It represents a rebirth starting when Brian began seeing through the fog of addiction and began realizing that there are many others with similar life-or-death struggles.


Veterans 4 Life USA was granted its 501c(3) status in May of 2017. 

It grew as volunteers and supporters began recognizing the crucial nature of its mission. 

Our Founder

Brian Paul served in the Oklahoma National Guard 45th Infantry; when the Murrah Building was bombed in an act of domestic terrorism in 1995, he was deployed to the site and worked among other responders in the devastation, receiving the State Activation Medal and Humanitarian Medal. 

Desiring to continue serving the public, Brian became a career fire fighter and EMT. He had a great life with a beautiful wife, son, and home. The stress of shift work, poor sleep, and encountering death and trauma regularly at his busy station accumulated. This man once seen as a hero began to drink heavily.

Brian's clarity of thought diminished, and he had difficulty thinking clearly on his calls--a crucial asset for emergency workers. Failing health due to alcoholism brought Brian close to death: his liver was damaged and his bone marrow was even shutting down.

At the lowest point of his life--homeless and barely alive--Brian finally accepted lifesaving help through a 90-day rehabilitation facility, where he chose life. He was successful in this recovery effort because of his faith in a Higher Power, love for his son and mother, and his adherence to a proper treatment program.


He founded Veterans 4 Life USA to help reach out to struggling men and women who are serving or have served in military or first responder professions that expose them to intense trauma and long-term stress.

Recently Brian fulfilled his dream of playing semi-pro football, demonstrating the full recovery from his previous state: he is in shape, full of energy, and impassioned to help as many brothers and sisters fighting their own battles as possible.

Our Volunteers

Volunteering for Veterans 4 Life USA presents a platform where people can shine in their own gifts, strengths, and interests. 

Opportunities to serve and interact include benefit concerts, fishing trips, feeding the homeless, hands-on ranch activities, face-to-face fellowship gatherings, and cameraderie-building events.